Friday Faves – April 24, 2020

Photo by Dzenina Lukac

If in my recent past, someone told me we would be in lock down for all these weeks because of a worldwide virus pandemic, I would tell them naaah. That type of apocalyptic future was reserved for year 3030… not 2020. But alas, here we are sheltering in place for maybe 5 weeks now.

While I keep up with the news and all the press conferences to understand what’s happening in the “outside” world, what balances it, are the feel good resources I find on the world wide web. It balances the chaos, and I’ll use this post to share some things that have been a delight recently.


First – FOOOOD! Yes, nothing like coming across great recipes and resources – especially now. With a little more time for, and more fresh food in my kitchen, I have been finding creative ways to ensure I don’t have any food waste. Plus, I’m in the gut rebuilding phase of my gut healing protocol, so FOOD FERMENTATION has become my new interest. I’ve tried and failed at ferments in the past, so I got to researching and came across this YouTube channel. I love his simple explanations about how fermentation works. I have a few jars of sauerkraut going… I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best!


Now, since bread has become scarce on many of our supermarket shelves, what do you do? Make your own of course! 

Now I’m 100% gluten free but the attractiveness of a well made sourdough loaf woos me every time. I’m secretly hoping that after my gut healing phase, I can experiment with some long fermented sourdough (to break down as much of the gluten as possible) so I may occasionally indulge without those horrible gastro-intestinal symptoms. 

For all the wishful-thinkers, and the magical unicorns with no gluten intolerance, check this out:

Finally, on the topic of food, am I the only one with too many carrots post Easter? 

Doubt it. Have no fear though, this delicious quick bread recipe comes to the rescue. I have NO modifications to this fabulous recipe. It goes well with cream cheese (I use Kite hill Almond crema cheeze spread). Here are some piks of my loaf below. 

Follow this link to access the recipe! 

Random Learning, Beautiful Humanity

I love to learn. Love love love it! Here is my roundup of great online learning resources. Some times its good to immerse yourself into something new. Like the course on modern poetry:

Short on time – or just not interested in these long courses? Then enjoy the cliff-notes audio version to your favourite books with Blinkist. Blinkist is also offering free Premium subscriptions during the COVID lockdown for a limited time: 

Finally, I get all the feels with this Instagram page, which celebrates the resilience and beauty of the human race. I love the triumphant stories of people overcoming and living victoriously despite the COVID-19 infection! 

That’s all for now folks! Maybe something in the list above will interest you some. Maybe try a new recipe, or enroll in a new course, or listen to a book while cleaning the house. Whatever you do, find a way to keep your mind occupied and away from anxiety. There is so much beauty and joy, still left in the world!



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