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Hi, I’m Chantelle, a wife, mom, IT nerd, nutrition coach and kitchen whiz, passionate about all things women’s health and wellness.

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My Journey to healing from PCOS & Chronic Pain

I found out I had PCOS when I was around 19 – up until then, I hadn’t seen my period and I had horrible acne. The diagnosis scared me! In fact, I remember laying on the table, getting the ultrasound when the insensitive lab technician blurted out ‘WOW”, while examining and measuring my ovaries. When I tackled him about his response, he only responded with a question “have you ever had children?” When I responded no, he just shook his head and told me to get dressed. I cried uncontrollably when I got home, not understanding the meaning of it all.

When I went back to my gynaecologist, she explained that I had PCOS. I was lean, so the advice wasn’t to lose weight. I was just put on birth control for the acne and to get a monthly bleed. I wasn’t given any other information. As the years passed, I developed IBS, eczema, and had thinning hair. My anxiety levels were high!

I stayed on birth control until my husband and I decided to have children. After a year of no periods, I went to a fertility specialist. We got pregnant after just 2 rounds of clomid (a fertility drug that stimulates follicle growth) at the lowest dose. We were excited, but the pregnancy was difficult and I was constantly ill. My blood pressure went up and I would spot frequently. I eventually went on bed rest at 16 weeks, and after a failed cerclage, had my miracle son at 30 weeks.

After having my son, I was assaulted by acne and weight gain. I also had consistent stomach pains and IBS, which I just could not explain. My days were spent at the gynaecologist and the gastroenterologist to get to the root cause of my issues, but they offered no solutions besides birth control and antacids. I was also constantly tired, stressed and anxious. I had eczema and troubles with ingrown toenails. I experienced heart palpitations frequently. My hair was falling out, and while I was still considered “petite” I was gaining a lot of weight around my middle and hips. In January 2017, I was 143 lbs (I’m 5″2) with a waist measurement of 35 inches (at my narrowest!) and 45 inch wide hips! I was unhappy with my body, mood and mental fog.

I went on a relentless search for answers online, when I stumbled on and started working with a Nutritionist who specialized in PCOS in August 2017. After 6 months of working with her, I started seeing symptom reversal. Now, 4 years later, I still maintain that I no longer have acne or eczema, I get my period EVERY month and I no longer struggle with my hair. My IBS and pain are no more. My palpitations are gone. I am no longer anxious and I’m maintaining a healthy, steady weight.

People always ask “how did you reverse your PCOS symptoms and keep it that way?”. My answer? There are no tricks or magic supplements. Over the years, I have learned through research, trial and error how to sustainably eat, move and rest for health. I now share these tips and tricks here on this blog and social media platforms.

I believe health and wellness should be easy to understand and accessible to all. I am on a mission to help people move from sick and tired to transformed, healthy and whole, by embracing the nouRICHed pillars of health: “EAT, MOVE, REST”. 

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