What is the “Nouriched” Life?


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“Nouriched” is the word I coined when I thought about the life I am currently living. It is a play on the word “nourished” (well, yea, you already figured that out). My life is RICH and balanced, and nourished in 3 core aspects, and it has lead to my health transformation.

So, first things first, a definition:

“The Nouriched life is the balanced life achieved through wise eating, movement and rest.”


Secondly, the nouriched life is a journey. There will be things you’ll try that just won’t be for you, and some days will be better than the rest, but you’ll keep going, using the nouriched trio as your guidepost because a healthy, nouriched life, where you meet your health goals is not beyond your reach. 

This Nouriched Space

What I will focus on in my posts are things I have learned that work for me as I’ve tried to Eat, Move and Rest the way my body needs it. 

I have come across many different websites and wellness blogs focusing on one part of the trio, or another. Or many blogs with tips, recipes that didn’t fit into the Jamaican lifestyle/ context.

My hope is to consolidate a lot of good information here for your benefit, and to add the critical resources every Jamaican needs to be happy and healthy. While this is a differentiator, my hope is that the information will be applicable to anyone visiting this space, and that as a community, you can also share the things that fit your context.

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