Pain is not a symptom of PCOS

Hey guys. I’m back with this very important public service announcement. Notice, I did not list pain as a symptom? This is one I personally want to pause to highlight. Pain is not a symptom of PCOS. I had pain, and in my mind, I thought, this must be all a part of my PCOS experience. With every rush to the emergency room, or discussion with a doctor I would hear “your pain is not related to PCOS.” Truthfully, I never received a definitive diagnosis for my pelvic and abdominal pain, but I am grateful to have had doctors who believed me. So, ready for story time? references for your benefit.

Story #1

Well, this is not a story, but its a fact, and maybe a good precursor to the next 2 discourses. I started experiencing pelvic and abdominal pain and after I went on the birth control pill. In fact, some women experience some gut discomfort on some birth control. I wish someone told me this all those years I stayed on BC with clear, glowing skin on the outside, but deteriorating gut health on the inside. 

Story #2

My pain was so severe I would be rushed to the Emergency room and put on a morphine drip to relieve me of my pain. I was an A&E regular up UHWI. Every 4 or 5 months, I was there. Sometimes, I’d get admitted. One a few occasions based on ultrasounds, the pain has been linked to: 1 a ruptured cyst (there was evidence of free fluid on the abdomen which to them was a tell tale sign i probably had a ruptured cyst) 2. They suspected intermittent ovarian torsion.

Story #3

One of the times the pain happened, my son’s paediatrician (he saw me miserable during one of my son’s wellness visits and asked me what was wrong). I explained and he gave me advice I never forgot. He said I should not treat the pain at home, but drive straight to my gynae at the peak of the pain, so he could investigate. I did just that the next time an episode occurred. Went to my gynae, hopped on his table and asked him for an ultrasound stat. He gladly obliged. His face was puzzled. “Chantelle. There’s nothing there.” He turned the screen to me. He explained my ovaries looked the same as they did a week ago (I was actively doing fertility treatments with him, so he had it all documented). Still polycystic, no changes in volume. Nothing noteworthy in my pelvis otherwise. He passed me a bucket and I vomited up more green bile and pus. He examined it, then moved the scope to my abdomen. “Chantelle, I’m sending you to a gastroenterologist.” He explained that my stomach was in an aggressive spasm. He explained that the movement should be smooth and rhythmic but mine was pulsing aggressively as if trying to expel something. So, I finally saw the gastroenterologist and after an endoscopy confirmed that my stomach was raw and sore as if I swallowed razors (signs of inflammation)! But what caused that? He had no clue, but told me to avoid greasy foods and sent me off with antacids and NSAIDs. Still no answer into how my abdominal issues translated into what felt like pelvic pain.

Other Factors

Your pain could be related to Endometriosis. Take a read of this article by my girl Clare:



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