Quick and Easy High-Protein Fried Rice Recipe

“One Sweet and Sour Chicken Fried Rice, please.” Even now, I can hear my teenage self telling the cashier at my then, favourite Chinese restaurant in York Plaza, Half Way Tree, Jamaica. Teenage Chan loved her some sweet and sticky Chinese takeout boy! And who doesn’t love the comfort of a flavourful rice bowl –Continue reading “Quick and Easy High-Protein Fried Rice Recipe”

Gluten Free Jamaican Easter Bun

I’m not an Easter Bun fan, but my humans like it, and I have clients with gluten sensitivity who want to have their Easter bun! So after watching and reading countless recipes for this beloved Jamaican favourite, I settled on the following. I couldn’t find a grain-free, gluten free recipe online! And the few IContinue reading “Gluten Free Jamaican Easter Bun”

Nouriched: Eat. Move. Rest. Repeat

It is likely, that you are here because you are not feeling your best. You may be sick, constantly tired or overweight. And you are not the only one. Your friends and family members lament about headaches, bloating, menstrual problems, brain-fog and chronic illnesses. You’ve tried “that” new diet, and signed up for “that” newContinue reading “Nouriched: Eat. Move. Rest. Repeat”