Friday Faves – April 10, 2020

Disclaimer: I like to start these posts with awesome photos I’ve come across throughout the week – it’s likely the pik won’t correlate to the actual content of the post, but maybe things will change in the future. I’ll try and add photo credit, whenever I can!

Let’s get on with the post!

What’s a great way to pass the time without going brain dead? Podcasts! Here is a round up of a few of my faves this week. These have been some of my favourites, especially for long commutes, while doing chores and other mundane tasks, or while taking a jog.

Desiring God’s “Ask Pastor John Podcast” (or “APJ”)

This is my absolute fave to ground me in the morning. After a short prayer, I head to the bathroom, to get ready for the day, and I fire up my APJ podcast app. Its much shorter than a sermon, and works well for the morning bathroom or quick breakfast prep, before beginning the work day. It is usually the catalyst that drives me to some scripture that was referenced, leading to meaningful meditation, conversations, prayers and thoughts throughout the day.

Click on the link in the image to download the app.

On the heels of the APJ podcast, is this new audiobook by Pr. John: “Coronavirus and Christ”. 

Its the perfect read/ listen this Easter weekend to counter/ balance all the news you’ll be hearing about COVI-19. I’m probably half way into the mp3, and I am drinking it in!

Click on the link to access this free resource.

The Ted Radio Hour

I’ve always loved Ted talks, but truth is, I never get the chance to just sit and watch and savour these videos. So, the Ted Radio hour has been a blessing for me to catch up on talks I would have certainly missed. Its usually one of those podcasts I listen to during a long commute or when I’m unwinding at home on the couch, after a long day. I love listening to it with a mug of herbal tea/ hot chocolate in the nights, especially when my eyes are too tired to read a book.  BTW, the new host feels like a smart, well traveled, long time girlfriend, you love to hang and chat with (to me at least!)

Click on the image to check it out.

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee’s “Feel Better Live More” podcast

I stumbled on Dr Chatterjee, while randomly browsing Youtube. I found his “Doctor in the House” episodes (its a British series) and was totally enthralled with his methods re: integrative medicine. I googled him immediately and found he had this amazing podcast. I’ve gained so many practical tips from him and his guests, and I love the fact that he gives all this good information away – for free! If you’re into health and wellness, and like to get into the “nitty-gritty” of things, then this one is for you.

Click on the image to check it out.

Friday Faves – April 3, 2020

Friday Faves is where I’ll come and share with you the things across the Internet that sparked a little joy for me this week. You see, enjoying life fully is a part of my REST pillar and engaging in good content, which is like beautiful art, is one of those things.

If you come across something that sparked joy for you, please share it with me using the “Contact” form. 

Here are my top picks for this week:

This episode of the  “Life and Godliness” podcast with Host Joanna Simpson and guest, Pastor Joel Bain of Grace Family Church. 

Receiving the gift of rest is something I have struggled with since I was a teenager. I love the ways that God is calling me to rest in Him as I grow older. It’s been painful and beautiful, and this episode of Life and Godliness left me with quite a bit to meditate on this week. Actively pursuing rest is one of my 3 pillars to health, and Biblical perspective is always so refreshing! 

Click on the image to listen.

Pinto Pottery’s Instagram page. 

This is a random one for me, but I just love good art. Creative arts run through my veins: I’m the daughter of a graphic artiste, and in a previous life I used to sing. This right here is functional art made in Jamaica. I can’t wait to get my hands on a few pieces for my kitchen. Thinking about those bowls for my sauces, salads and marinades. 

Viewing his art has me understanding why my granny had a breakfront. These babies NEED to be displayed! 

Please support local Jamaican artistes. 

Click on the image to view the IG profile.

Jolene Brighten’s “Beyond The Pill”.

I’m only a few pages into this book. I love all things reproductive health and I love how this book lays things out. Her writing is not too academic, but using a friendly, conversational tone, she goes deep enough into the science of women’s health and the ill effects of the contraceptive pill, to keep you engaged. I wish resources like these were around back in the day, as a gal who spent too many years on the pill because of PCOS.

I am so grateful to all the creators who take time on their art – whether i’s a podcast, pottery, or a great book – so that we can consume and enjoy it!

Have a great weekend!



Chia Seed Pudding – a quick and easy fave.

In need of a quick and easy breakfast? Try a chia seed pudding bowl! 

Chia seed pudding is quick and easy to make. My ratio is always 3 tbsps chia seeds to 1 can of full fat coconut milk, then a pinch of salt, nutmeg and cinnamon to my liking. Sometimes, I’ll add in protein powder, cocoa powder and/or honey depending on the mood I’m in.

Method: Pour the coconut milk in a mason jar, then add the chia seeds and flavourings. Cover the mason jar and shake vigourously. Put in the refrigerator to thicken and set overnight, or for a few hours.

When I just started on my health journey 3 or so years ago, it was my go to breakfast. I would make my pudding the night before and store it in a mason jar in the fridge. In the morning, I would top it with nuts, fruits, and whatever else was on hand, pack it into my lunch bag with a freezer pack, and make the trek to work.

This one was a fun bowl topped with slivered almonds, pecans, blueberries, dark chocolate chips, shaved coconut and a dollop of coconut cream.

Chia seed pudding works well as a creamy dessert too: Top it with a homemade jam, bananas and nut butter for a satiating sweet treat – without the guilt!

Happy muching ya’ll!

Banana Chocolate Chip / Coconut- Raisin Muffins

I hate to waste food. So, the best thing to do on a weekend is to rummage through the refrigerator, pantry and cupboards and make something sweet and tasty out of the leftovers, to carry me through the upcoming week. Especially now, when I’m stuck inside during this COVID-19 epidemic, its really nice to have a snack to look forward to after lunch or dinner.

So with the over-ripe bananas sitting on the counter, i decided to rub-up these mini muffins. My husband hates chocolate chips, so half the batch was raisins and coconut shreds, and the other half was chocolate and chopped- peanut filled.

When I’m making these sweet treats with leftovers, i don’t usually have a recipe. I throw things together until it feels right, and hope for the best. I keep it low sugar, grain and dairy free, as always – so (sans the peanuts) these are paleo friendly.

Here’s the base “recipe”:

  • 2 – 3 over ripe bananas
  • 2 eggs
  • Around 2 heaped tbsps of creamy peanut butter (or nut butter of choice)
  • A tups of maple syrup, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and sea salt
  • Around a cup of Almond flour
  • Around a 1/2 cup of cassava flour (it is always a 1:2 ratio for cassava flour to almond flour in my baked goods to get a good fluffy consistency)
  • Around 2 tsps of baking powder

For the muffin variations I use:

  • Dairy-free dark chocolate chips
  • Chopped peanuts (or nut of choice)
  • Unsweetened coconut shreds
  • Raisins

After crushing the bananas with a fork, I whisk all the wet and dry ingredients listed in the “base recipe” together. I then separate the batch in half. I fold in the chopped peanuts and chocolate chips in one half of the batter, and coconut shreds and raisins in the other half of the batter.

I barely remember to preheat my oven, but I ended up baking these muffins at 350 degrees until they plumped up and smelled fragrant.

I’m working on a recipe plugin and will be able to post more “presentable”, searchable recipes soon. This should suffice for now.

What kind of “rub-ups” have you been making to alleviate kitchen waste these days? Leave a comment below or on my IG post for this recipe. I’m always looking for new, yummy things to try.

Happy snacking peeps!


Nouriched: Eat. Move. Rest. Repeat

It is likely, that you are here because you are not feeling your best. You may be sick, constantly tired or overweight. And you are not the only one. Your friends and family members lament about headaches, bloating, menstrual problems, brain-fog and chronic illnesses. You’ve tried “that” new diet, and signed up for “that” new 24-hr gym, with the hopes that you can look and feel better, but it’s all but short lived.

All in all, some aspects of your life are going well, others feel deficient. You are hungry to come into wellness, but it seems elusive.

Does this sound like you? I was there too.

I thought my PCOS diagnosis was my constraint, putting this healthy life beyond my reach. When I started changing my life, then the most amazing things started happening to me: I reversed my PCOS diagnosis (when all I was trying to do was manage the symptoms!) Truth is, I didn’t know complete “healing” was in the cards for me. 

Now, I don’t know what you are facing, and what’s in the cards for you, but after giving enough random advice to friends and acquaintances who all report back to me their successes in some aspect of their life, of THIS I am sure:

The secret to a “nouriched” life is rooted in what I call the “Nouriched Trio”: Eat. Move. Rest.


That’s it. Pretty basic – almost instinctual, primal.


This is what I live by:

“Eat real food, not too much, mostly plants.”

Michael Pollan

I wish I was the crafty one who came up with this catchy phrase, but naah, it was Michael Pollan.

I wish it were that easy though. How many people do you know mostly eat the foods they grow and still getting sick? My parents are the perfect example. They rarely (if ever) eat junk food. You don’t have to tell my parents  to “eat real food”. They are old school Jamaicans – eating rich local food all their lives, yet – they’ve been hit with some NCDs (albeit well into their Golden years!) 

Also, I’ve met enough overweight persons grazing on “Ital” meals who haven’t dropped an ounce.  I for one went on a popular diet, eating mostly real food (but admittedly, and unwittingly very little calories) – and while I dropped some pounds, I was soooooo sick, there were some days I couldn’t make it in to work. I also want to put it out there that just because a certain diet helps you to lose weight, that it doesnt mean you are all right. Especially for those with underlying disease – getting to the root cause, and healing yourself through the right foods is critical.

All this to say, there is something about eating well, that we need to learn. For some, just cutting out junk food and following an elimination diet will do the trick. I hope to share the things I’ve learned about food with you here.


Back in the day, if you told this 16 year old “slim ting”, that movement and exercise was critical to her “nouriched life” she would have thought you crazy. To be honest, I still struggle with this pillar, but when I do bust a sweat, I feel so much better. However, I don’t want to just focus on gym workouts and HIIT exercises. Learning simply to stand and walk around more is critical for our health. 


Rest. A critical piece. Maybe this one should be first. This one is so hard. Rest is all of the following:

  • Freedom
  • Quality sleep
  • Quality play time
  • Quality Community
  • Learning to systematically and deliberately reduce and eliminate stress

I remember sharing my hectic work week with my nutritionist some years ago. It was mind blowing when she scratched all the food and workout plans for the month and told me my focus for that month instead, was to figure out how to rest. And it worked. 

Rest is something the Lord has been consistently calling me to, even before I got into this nouriched lifestyle. As early as my teenage years he has been walking me through “principles of rest” that have always put my anxious mind at ease. We’ll go through the Rest Principles in details in future posts.


There’s no one-size fit all program for anyone, but hopefully I’ve given you the launching pad to start seeking out what may be right for you. Stay tuned to this space for more info.

Did you like this post? If you’ve found anything useful on this blog, or have questions please comment or reach out to me via the “Contact” page.

Thanks for stopping by!


Image: © ogichobanov; © Foxys_forest_manufacture/Getty Images

What is the “Nouriched” Life?

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! Let’s jump right in.

“Nouriched” is the word I coined when I thought about the life I am currently living. It is a play on the word “nourished” (well, yea, you already figured that out). My life is RICH and balanced, and nourished in 3 core aspects, and it has lead to my health transformation.

So, first things first, a definition:

“The Nouriched life is the balanced life achieved through wise eating, movement and rest.”


Secondly, the nouriched life is a journey. There will be things you’ll try that just won’t be for you, and some days will be better than the rest, but you’ll keep going, using the nouriched trio as your guidepost because a healthy, nouriched life, where you meet your health goals is not beyond your reach. 

This Nouriched Space

What I will focus on in my posts are things I have learned that work for me as I’ve tried to Eat, Move and Rest the way my body needs it. 

I have come across many different websites and wellness blogs focusing on one part of the trio, or another. Or many blogs with tips, recipes that didn’t fit into the Jamaican lifestyle/ context.

My hope is to consolidate a lot of good information here for your benefit, and to add the critical resources every Jamaican needs to be happy and healthy. While this is a differentiator, my hope is that the information will be applicable to anyone visiting this space, and that as a community, you can also share the things that fit your context.

Did you like this post? If you’ve found anything useful on this blog, or have questions please comment or reach out to me via the “Contact” page.